Customer Feedback – Diesel Race DNA

“I will give you a few observations about DNA. I poured it into a company car with 90hp. Ford injections always rattled and here there was a really pleasant silence. The reaction to throttle was definitely different, the car reacts faster and accelerates better.”

“Ford 1.5TDCI remapped to 120hp. The best ready mix I have ever used. The car is great from low rpm.  Quiet and dynamic on the highway.  Fuel consumption changed from 5.4 on regular diesel to 5.0 (highway).”

“700+ km test on a Jeep WH CRD V6 3.0 (engine: OM642 Mercedes).  100ml added to a 78L diesel tank so less than recommended.  Noticeably greater dynamics during acceleration, especially at higher speeds.  Quicker response to the accelerator even with low revs and speeds.  Gentler idling, reduced sound and vibration.”

“Tuned BMW M50D.  My car has 430hp in a diesel engine and it’s hard for me to notice the difference between with additives.  Well …. I don’t know how much catalyst is there and what the dose is,  in this case the effect was WOW !!! Really! The car seemed to get another 50hp. And fuel consumption on this 50-liter test was 0.2-0.3 liters per 100km less.”

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