In 2010 I decided the lift the lid on this market and I didn’t like what I had found. This led to the creation of Archoil and a partnership that continues to serve loyal customers worldwide. Move forward 10 years and I decided it was time for a “Zero Compromise” approach to what was possible and what could actually be manufactured and delivered to our customers. The result is Oilsyn. It has been a long road but a very worthwhile journey.

I have worked in this industry long enough to understand the vast array of technologies – new and old, industry tactics and questionable marketing tricks.

Let me use fuel additives as an example. There are many functions that comprise a well thought out and comprehensive fuel treatment – stabilisers, detergents, lubricants, cetane improvers, octane improvers, combustion improvers, fuel borne catalysts, demulsifiers, solubility agents and more. However, there are hidden comprises built into most products. This is a consequence of economics and it is fair to say “you usually get what you pay for” is applicable here. Many additives do not deliver a complete array of functions and many compromise on the quality and quantity depending on the target market, and more importantly, target price point.

A low cost fuel cleaner simply cannot deliver the highest quality, high-strength ingredients to achieve optimal results. It is not economically possible so the result is a market full of weak cut-price products using older generation technologies and cheap solvent fillers.

What would happen if a development team were tasked with creating products that should only use the very best technologies and ingredients regardless of cost? In other words – ZERO compromise. Well, now they have. Welcome to Oilsyn.”

Our CarbonCode and PEATech products use a complex array of the highest quality detergents. We do not rely on a single detergent technology. Our fuel cleaning products contain multiple technologies delivered at a high-strength, but safe dosage rate.

They also use a proprietary ester lubricant that is considerably more expensive than conventional mono-acid technology. However, cost aside, it delivers superior lubrication properties that are not negated by the presence of additional 2-EHN cetane improver. Diesel engine noise is noticeably quieter and much safer to use than injector-fouling 2-stroke oil, which has become increasingly popular over the past few years.

Then we have our ReleaseTech Engine Flush and Cleaner products that deliver the first ester-based engine flush available on the market. Both provide exceptional cleaning performance with enhanced lubricity making it possible to safely drive a vehicle during a cleaning cycle. Until now such cleaning performance wasn’t possible without risk of damage.

Oilsyn aims to be more open in an industry that is secretive and where many hide behind brand names, questionable product claims and mostly repackaged products.

Oilsyn’s success and loyal following is based on a simple formula: Provide products with accurate benefits, realistic results and performance guarantee.

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