Hi Andy,

I’ve been using Hybrogen every tank on my old 2004 Merc ML270CDI and I am very impressed.

It does all the things you say and has more power for sure. I decided to change the glow plugs last week and on my engine they are renowned for sticking in and breaking so I was somewhat nervous – but I had been giving constant doses when refilling of about 1:2000 so a bit rich maybe but all the glowplugs came straight out and were clean as per photo. The liquid on the glowplug were from dosing the threads with deblock fluid.

So, clearly my engine is a lot cleaner inside.

Best regards




I’ve been using this additive in my M140i for a couple of weeks took it to dyno today and power figure on stock map was up 16bhp from 348 to 364bhp. This was the highest power and torque figure they had ever seen from a stock B58 engine. I would recommend this product to everyone.




Awesome product, extends regeneration cycles

I use this with super diesel and I get another 130miles before a regeneration is required. Also provides a noticeable increase in engine response